The GENESIS Users Group

GENESIS 2.3 is now available from the main GENESIS web site:

GENESIS 2.3 supercedes version 2.2.1, and has a number of changes in the simulator source code to allow use on a greater variety of platforms, including Intel and AMD 64 bit processors, MacIntosh with OS/X, and Microsoft Windows with the Cygwin environment. It includes Kinetikit Version 11, Version 2 of the Purkinje cell tutorial, some new objects and enhancements of existing ones, plus revised and updated documentation. More details are available on the GENESIS web site.

Announcing the Sourceforge GENESIS development sites

Note that there are now separate Sourceforge sites for GENESIS 2 and GENESIS 3 development.

This is the main site for GENESIS 2 development. Although it is unlikely that there will be a GENESIS 2.4 release, the CVS repository will be kept up-to-date with the most recent GENESIS 2.3 bug fixes. GENESIS 2 Help forum postings are automatically sent to the mailing list. If you have problems installing or using GENESIS, be sure to visit the forums on this site.

GENESIS 3 will be a completely new version of GENESIS, using a modular architecture with plugins and multiple interfaces. This will allow the use of multiple simulation engines such as MOOSE ( or Neurospaces ( In addition to greater simulation speed, this will offer greatly improved capabilities of interfacing GENESIS 3 with external programs, other simulation environments, web-based applications, and visualization tools. You may download the latest development releases of MOOSE and Neurospaces from these sites, and read forums dedicated to the discussion of GENESIS 3 development plans. For more information about plans for GENESIS 3, see