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12. Neural Simulation Routines

GENESIS offers many routines for working with components of neural simulation models. The following tables summarize these routines:

12.1 Buffer Routines

Routine Description
clearbuffer Removes events from the buffer of a buffer class element.
getinput Gets synaptic input to place in a buffer.
putevent Places events into the buffer of a buffer class element.

12.2 Compartment Routines

Routine Description
pastechannel Copies a prototype channel to a compartment.
randcomp Randomly selects a compartment from tree root.
randcoord Shuffles positions of compartments in a neuron.
relposition Positions element and its child compartments based on
messages rather than parent-child relationships.

12.3 Miscellaneous Neural Routines

Routine Description
balanceEm Adjusts Em field to give no net membrane current at given
calcCm Calculates the approximate total membrane capacitance (Cm)
of a neuron.
calcRm Calculates input membrane resistance (Rm) of neuron.
cellsheet Copies prototype cells into a 3-d sheet specified by
coordinates in a file.
createmap Makes multiple copies of an element to form a2-D array.
egg Generates coordinates for points on the surface of an ovoid.
plane Generates 3-d coordinates for a plane with specified
dimensions and characteristics.
rallcalcRmCalculates input membrane resistance (Rm) of neuron,
using Rall's calculations.
readcell Constructs a cell from specifications in a cell
parameter file.
setrandfield Sets the specified field for the element randomly
according to specified distribution.
setspatialfieldSets the specified field for the element according to the
Gaussian of the distance between the specified coordinate
and element.
writecell Writes the specification of a cell to a cell
parameter file.

Also see the routines for use with tabchannel and tabgate elements in Tables and Arrays.

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