The Ultimate GENESIS 2.3 CDROM Distribution

CDROM Contents

This CDROM brings together material that is available as separate downloads from the GENESIS web site and through the GENESIS Users Group. It includes several simulator-independent tutorials on biologically realistic neural modeling, as well as both tutorial and research simulations that have been implemented with GENESIS.

Documentation and Tutorials

The GENESIS Neural Modeling Tutorials package. This version has been expanded to include additional material.

PDF version of "The Book of GENESIS"

An Introduction to Computational Neuroscience - These are introductory lectures on computational neuroscience and realistic neural modeling. It has sections on the Hodgkin-Huxley model and compartmental modeling that might be useful to those who are studying them for the first time, or who need some review.

The GENESIS Reference Manual

Getting Started With Realistic Neural Modeling - This is a guide to using this extended version of the Tutorials package, with suggested exercises.

Introduction to UNIX or Linux and the graphical desktop - Some basic information for new users of UNIX or Linux.

Some suggestions for installing Linux on a PC - If you would like to install GENESIS, but don't yet have Linux installed, this gives some hints on how to do it.

Tutorial simulations included with GENESIS

The genesis/Scripts directory in any of the unpacked GENESIS distribution archive files contains many example simulation scripts, including those used in the Book of GENESIS. Some of these illustrate GENESIS features and techniques for programming simulations. Others are interactive tutorials for teaching concepts in neurobiology and neural modeling. As their use requires no knoweldge of GENESIS programming, they are suitable for use in a computer simulation laboratory which would accompany upper division undergraduate and graduate neuroscience courses. Each of these has on-line help and a number of suggested exercises or "experiments" which may be either assigned as homework or used for self-study. These tutorials may also be taken apart and modified to create your own simulations, as they are reasonably well commented. Several of them are derived from existing research simulations.

License information

The GENESIS simulator is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, and the tutorials are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Documentation License. You are encouraged to copy and distribute this CDROM, as long as you abide by the terms of these licenses. Copyright and License Information is provided with the GENESIS distribution, and within the Tutorials directory.

Contact information

Visit the GENESIS web page at for more information about GENESIS, access to the latest versions of GENESIS and the tutorials on neural modeling.

The Sourceforge GENESIS development site at contains links for the GENESIS Users Group (BABEL) mailing list, the CVS Repository for the latest GENESIS development versions, as well as public forums for reporting bugs or compiling problems, and for discussing issues related to GENESIS development.