Tutorial given at GUM*02
Nov. 8-10, 2002
San Antonio, TX

Modeling Calcium and Biochemical Reactions

Avrama Blackwell, George Mason, University


The goal of this tutorial is to discuss how to use various genesis objects to develop models of second messenger pathways and calcium dynamics. First, several objects that keep track of molecule concentrations are explained. Then, equations for biomolecular and enzyme reactions are presented, and the objects that implement these reactions are explained. Lastly, equations and objects for modeling diffusions and calcium release from stores are discussed. Participants will implement these various objects to create a simple model ready for simulating.

See the tutorial (Staroffice presentation)

See the README file

Download the tutorial and GENESIS scripts (gzipped tar file) blackwell-tutorial.tar.gz

Download chemesis 1.1 (compressed tar file) chemesis1.1.tar.Z

"chemesis" contains the new objects and commands to add to GENESIS for use with the demonstration scripts.

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