This is a list of GENESIS commands and libraries.


This library, contributed by Thomas Natschlaeger, contains two objects. One
object called SpikeTrain is able to produce spikes at predefined times as well
as to read them from an ASCII file. The second object called SpikeRecorder is
able to write resulting spike times from various spike generating objects into
an ASCII file for further processing (e.g. with MATLAB).

In addition to the source files (SpikeTrain.c and SpikeRecorder.c), header
files (spiketools_ext.h and spiketools_struct.h) and the startup file
(spiketools.g), there are two documentation files SpikeTrain.doc and

spiketools.tar_.Z14.46 KB


This file contains an object which
calculates the current through a membrane, the reversal potential, and
the chord conductance of a single ionic species using the Goldman
Hodgkin Katz equation (constant field equation). Extensive
documentation may be found in "ghk.doc" and "ghklib/ghklib.g". This
object was submitted by Subbakrishna Shankar. (NOTE: This has since
been incororated into GENESIS 2.1, with some modifications.)

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This is a library of biochemical reaction objects for modeling
calcium concentration, contributed by Avrama Blackwell (
These were used in the paper:
K.T. Blackwell (2000) Evidence for a Distinct Light-Induced
Calcium-Dependent Potassium Current in Hermissenda Crassicornis,
J. Computational Neuroscience, 9: 149-170.

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The 'fieldpotential.tar.gz' file will extract to the
fieldpotential directory, which contains a description file in the format
of the GENESIS Reference Manual, the source code files and the library
startup script file for the two GENESIS objects 'fp-box' and fp_cylinder'.
These objects, contributed by Armen Sargsyan, calculate the extracellular
field potential generated by a large population of pyramidal-like cells
that uniformly fill either a box-shaped or cylindrical shaped region.

fieldpotential.tar_.gz4.29 KB

RandomSpike 2

The randomspike2 object was implemented as an alternative to the the randomspike object, which generates different random number sequences when the time step is changed. The randomspike2 object avoids this time step dependent behavior.

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The stdpSynchan object, contributed by Jeremy Edgerton, is based
on the synchan, but has synaptic weights that can change through
spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP).

The files in the archive genesis-2.3_stdp_patch.tar.gz allow one
to patch genesis-2.3 in order to add the stdpSynchan object, and
to modify the event_tofile object to take multiple INPUT
messages. The archive contains the patch, installation
instructions, and documentation files for the stdpSynchan and
the modified event_tofile objects.

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