Using models to collaborate, communicate, and publish: Using the GENESIS-3 user-workflow to organize databases in the computational neurosciences.

The GENESIS Development Team will moderate a discussion about the relationship between user-workflows and databases in the computational neurosciences at one day workshop at the CNS*2011 meeting in Stockholm.

The G-3 simulator is a modular reimplementation of the GEneral NEural SImulation System software platform that is organized around a comprehensive user-workflow. Besides organizing the user-experience during simulation construction, the G-3 user-workflow also connects the simulator to different types of databases.

After a short introduction this workshop will define the five step GENESIS user-workflow and compare and contrast it with other workflows used for simulation construction. For each of the steps in the GENESIS user-workflow we will discuss the relationship with databases such as morphology databases (for instance and and experimental protocol databases (for instance

Speakers will be invited to present about both database design and simulator implementation. It is expected that this workshop will facilitate discussion between experimental result database architects and curators, and software designers implementing simulation software.

Presenters: The GENESIS development team and other contributors and collaborators.

Organizers: Hugo Cornelis, Allan D. Coop, Mando Rodriguez, David Beeman, and James M. Bower.
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