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HTTP Redirect

At times it is necessary to direct a user to documentation or files that are off site and not physically within the GENESIS Documentation System. When reproducing the content can be time consuming, or require special host configurations (e.g YouTube videos), it is possible to create hyperlinks to such sources. This is done with the redirect: attribute in your documentation descriptor.yml file. With this, you can link to URLs on the internet, effectively integrating the linked content into your own documentation.

The only file needed to add a http redirect is the descriptor.yml file (in an appropriately named document folder/directory) that contains a user supplied URL and a tag to indicate the level of documentation. The following example shows how to do this:

comment: Optional comment.  
description: A redirect to a website  
document name: Off Site Documentation  
  - contents-level5  
  - published

The structure is identical to previous descriptor.yml files with the exception of the redirect attribute. If present, this example would place a link to the URL content in the Level 5 contents page (indicated by the -contents-level5 tag).