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Developer Installation Fedora 10

Installing GENESIS on Fedora 10 requires executing the following major steps. Note: Installation requires administrator privileges.

Prepare and upgrade the system software

For G-Tube the packages wxPython and wxPython-devel and their dependencies must be installed.

Download and install the DeveloperPackage

  1. You can download the DeveloperPackage from the GENESIS package archive. It is called developer-release-label.tar.gz, where release-label is the current release identifier.
  2. For the most up to date version of the DeveloperPackage, you can download the latest snapshot from the development repository here.
  3. Change to the directory where you downloaded the file.
  4. Unpack the archive by typing “tar xfz developer-release-label.tar.gz”.
  5. Change to the directory with the content of the archive by typing “cd developer-release-label.
  6. Configure by typing “./configure”.
  7. Compile by typing “make”.
  8. Install by typing “sudo make install” (requires administrator privileges).

Install software packages

  1. Use the installer script to create the correct directory layout by typing “neurospaces_create_directories”.
  2. Pull the archives of the source code by typing “neurospaces_pull”.
  3. Update the source code in the working directories by typing “neurospaces_update”.
  4. Generate make files by typing “neurospaces_configure”.
  5. Compile and install the software by typing “neurospaces_install”.

Check if installation was successful

This step is optional.