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Installing from RPMS

RPM (RPM Package Manager format) is a well known software package format used in many Linux distributions. To make installation easier, the components of GENESIS 3 are available in RPM packages here. To be able to run the gshell to go through tutorial 1, you need to install the following software components:

To install an rpm (in this case the model-container), you would use the following options with the rpm command:

rpm -ivh model-container-0.0.0-alpha.x86_64.rpm

A prompt will appear showing the installation progress. If an error occurs, such as a missing dependency, it will be printed on the screen.

Viewing RPM contents

If you wish to view the contents of an RPM package you can do so with the following flags:

rpm -qlp developer-0.0.0-alpha.noarch.rpm

A snippet of the output shows the listing of all files and directories that are to be created on the target machine: