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GENESIS Developers Meeting

San Antonio October 28-30, 2009


Wednesday-Thursday: UTSA Biotechnology, Sciences, and Engineering Building Rm. 2.210.

Friday: UTHSCSA Research Imaging Institute (North Greehy Campus, McDermott Bldg) Library Rm. 2.610.

Tuesday October 27

Evening: Dinner  7pm County Line BBQ off I10.
Call Dave Beeman for time: 720-270-6865.

Wednesday October 28

Theme: Model Visualization and Analysis with GENESIS

Morning (9-12am):

Afternoon (1-5pm):

Group Discussion Topic: What graphical tools should G-3 provide for analysis of activity in a network model?

Thursday October 29

Morning (9-12pm):

Theme: The GENESIS Publication Paradigm.

Group Discussion Topic: (1) Requirements and implementation of the GENESIS publication paradigm. (2) Development of an outline/workflow for the GENESIS Publication paradigm.

Afternoon (1-4pm):

Theme: GENESIS alpha release and beyond.

Group Discussion Topic: Criteria for “readiness” of alpha, beta, and initial 3.0 releases in terms of user expectations and needs.

Friday October 30

Morning (11-1pm):

Theme: Auditory system meeting. Attendees from UTSA and RII.

Afternoon (3-5pm): Final discussion and conclusions.