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Figure 12


Figure 1: Effect of voltage-dependent conductances on the electrotonic length of dendritic segments. A : Full Sholl diagram in units of electrotonic length of the cell with active conductances in the dendrites, during a pause in between action potentials. B–D: Enlargement of the Sholl diagram showing the same subset of branchlets (original location indicated by circle in A) under different conditions of the ionic channels. B: All passive membrane. C: Active membrane; the cell is in a quiet state in between action potentials (same as A). D: Active membrane at the peak of a dendritic spike. E: Recording of activity in a spiny dendrite (top trace, location marked on the Sholl diagrams) and soma (bottom trace). Dendrogram D was taken at the time indicated by the asterisk. Dendrogram C was taken at the time indicated by the circle. Simulation of 2.0 nA current injection in the soma, model PM9.