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Figure 13


Figure 1: Simulation of voltage-clamp steps. A: Model was clamped at resting potential (-68 mV) and then stepped to -100 or +40 mV. Superimposed top traces: membrane potential in the soma (s), main dendrite (m), and a distal spiny dendrite (d, marked with asterisk in Fig. 1). Bottom trace: clamp current. B: as in A, but stepped to -40 mV. C: membrane potential under steady-state voltage clamp vs. distance from the soma. Data from the same voltage-clamp steps as shown in A and B. Data points are exclusively from compartments linking the soma with the distal spiny dendrite. Because the potential oscillated during steps to -40 mV, 2 traces are shown for that voltage step (corresponding to the minimum and maximum voltage in the spiny dendrite). Simulation time step was 5 μs.