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System Administration Log

This is a document listing all of all administration done on machines used in the GENESIS project.

Please only add records. Do not delete or modify existing records.

In the past the file system of some of the machines supporting for G-3 development had become corrupted because of all the manual maintenance. Therefore we keep track of the manual maintenance, and try to automate as much as possible over the source code repositories and cron jobs.

The repository machine serves the source code for the GENESIS project as well as periodically performing automated source code checks. This machine also has a running web server that hosts the projects: doxygen documentation, regression tests, and various package distributions.

System specs:

This machine hosts the GENESIS website as well as the output from the user documentation system. All of the user documentation building tasks are done through a single non-root user account named ǵenesis.

Mac Tester

The Mac tester is an iMac machine located at CBI that runs the tester on a cronjob. It is also used for debugging and building packages for 32-bit Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

System specs: