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GENESIS 2 Backward Compatibility Regression Tests

GENESIS is backward compatible with GENESIS Release 2.3 for all functionality of the original Purkinje cell research scripts that provide the basis of the Tutorial 9–Purkinje Tutorial. In doing this, backward compatibility supports the major functionalities of the GENESIS Script Language Interpreter.

Functionality for the graphical objects of the XODUS library is now provided by the Studio and Project Browser in conjunction with the new GENESIS GUI.

Backward compatibility is provided by the Neurospaces Scripting Language Interpreter (NS-SLI).

For more details see the Backward Compatibility documentation.

Obtaining Regression Test Specifications

This link accesses all regression test specifications for the GENESIS 2 backward compatibility bridge for GENESIS (the NS-SLI).

Regression Test Documentation

Backward compatibility regression test documentation includes:

The regression tests give a good idea of what backward compatibility means, i.e. running GENESIS 2 scripts without modification. Testing is conducted at both the level of user experienced functionality and low-level unit tests. Integration tests between the GENESIS 2 SLI, the Model Container and Heccer are also performed.

Scope of Regression Tests

Regression tests cover the following major functionalities of backward compatibility: