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Heccer Regression Tests

Heccer is a fast compartmental solver, that is based on hsolve of the GENESIS simulator.

For more details see the Heccer documentation.

Obtaining Regression Test Specifications

This link accesses all regression test specifications for Heccer.

Regression Test Documentation

Heccer regression test documentation includes:

The regression tests give a good overview of Heccer functionality and test code gives a good idea of how to use Heccer from the Unix command line. Regression tests consist mainly of user experienced functionality (i.e. not low level unit tests). Single executables are run with a hard-coded model and the generated output is checked.

See the SSP package for integration tests with GENESIS.

Scope of Regression Tests

The first two suites of regression tests check C code bindings to Heccer, whereas, the second two test suites check the equivalent Perl bindings to Heccer. Regression tests cover the following major functionalities: