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GENESIS Reference Manual

Table of Contents

The links below are to GENESIS Reference Manual sections at the GENESIS web site. For faster access, install them locally according to the instructions in the README.html file in this directory.

1. Introduction

2. Changes Introduced in GENESIS 2

3. The GENESIS Script Language Interpreter

4. Basic Routines

5. Math Routines

6. String Manipulation Routines

7. Input/Output (I/O) Routines

8. Elements

9. Hierarchical Structure

10. Objects

11. Extended Objects

12. Neural Simulation Routines

13. Messages

14. Synaptic Connections

15. Simulations

16. Simulation Schedules

17. Tables and Arrays: The interpol_struct

18. The GENESIS Parameter Search Library

19. The XODUS Graphical Interface

20. XODUS Mouse Clicks -- a summary of syntax conventions

21. Customizing GENESIS

22. Converting GENESIS 1.4 Scripts to GENESIS 2.0

23. The Book of GENESIS

24. GENESIS Startup Command Reference

25. GENESIS Command Reference

26. GENESIS Object Reference

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