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Workflow for a GENESIS-Related Query


The “GENESIS development process” can be initiated by either a regular user or a software developer. The purpose of the workflow below is to facilitate rapid high quality communication between users and developers.

The preferred method for asking for help with the GENESIS Neurosimulator is via the Forum. A link to the Forum can be found at the top of the GENESIS Homepage. On the Forum page, under the GENESIS Neurosimulator heading, there are two forums listed, each with the following purpose:

  1. Users Forum: If you are using GENESIS in a research project, need technical support, or have questions about the simulator applications, please ask in this forum. This forum can also be used for requests for new functions.
  2. Development Forum: This forum should be used for technical questions about software implementation issues, algorithms used, and the hardware infrastructure used to support GENESIS software development.

As a member of the GENESIS User Community, contacting the GENESIS Development Team or asking a question on the GENESIS Forums carries some responsibility. The following workflow outlines the ideal path from a user query to the incorporation into the GENESIS Documentation System of any documentation generated by a user or developer in response to the query.

User Query Workflow

  1. Query received.
  2. An answer is formulated by a member of the User Community.
  3. The answer is implemented (usually by the person who asked the original question). Mostly this involves running simulations, and keeping track of how you configure the simulation platform (model used, stimulation protocol used, etc.). (We are currently working on a tool to support the user tracking of a simulation configuration, check the detailed documentation of the ssp_save command, and the documentation of the “status” key in the SSP documentation).
  4. A documentation writer (usually the person who developed the answer) takes the record/log and creates user documentation following the procedure outlined for Document Creation.
  5. If the question results in software development, the record/log is used by a developer to create a (regression) test specification. The form of test documentation can be obtained from any of the pre-existing test documentation, e.g. for the G-Shell regression tests.